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WorkshopTools for sale




6 piece x 230 Auger Bit Set

by Tayler Tools

Auger bit set in box

New & unused £10

13, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 25mm in a storage box

6 piece 230mm auger bit set. Featuring: 13mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 25mm bits

Record 52 1/2 vice

Heavy Duty Woodworker's Vice - Made in England

Seconhand but very robust and in good working order. It has a quick release mechanism- the jaw is 9" wide and opens to 12.5 ". It has the option to add wooden jaw protectors

It weighs 16 kg- quite a lump of steel !!


Record M130 Clamp Heads

Made in England

New and unused £25 for a 2 boxed sets

make your own sash clamp of any length


Avery Scales and Weights £30



This is a used Hegner Multicut Scroll Saw mounted on a board which can be held firmly in a vice

Hegner Multicut Scroll saw £ 150

further details on request



Spare blades and accesories for Hegner Multicut Scroll

WW2 Stirrup pump

in good working order

WW2 Stirrup Pump Wartime pump used with bucket of water to extinguish fire

a hand-operated reciprocating pump, the base of the cylinder of which is placed in a bucket of water and used for fighting fires - place your foot on the foot plate to keep it steady


40 bottle wine rack £20


4 Divers weights on old belt and quantity of lead




Record CL3 36 x 30 Woodturning lathe

Record CL3 36 x 30 Woodturning lathe complete with bowl kit and many good quality tools ( by Robert Sorby and Record) chucks(including Multistar) blanks,

and accessories. The majority were purchased new by me and have hardly been used.

The lathe is currently mounted into a fixed workbench in a dry damp free workshop.

This is being sold as a complete lot for £600 and is available for inspection by appointment.

original receipts available



laburnum,holly,yew etc


Wax Pellets and dish -beeswax sticks etc



ELU177E ROUTER , set of Nutool Router Tools, Trend Cutter and Collet Care Kit and homemade Router Bench

This is a professional heavy duty 1/2" drive router

For sale as a lot £310


Router table and jig


Record RPS-825 Bench Saw Made in England SOLD

on plinth with 2 drawers

a good solid well engineered piece- Made in England









rend Biscuit jointer and pack of size 20 biscuits

Trend Biscuit Jointer


Stanley No.50 Combination PlaneStanley No.50 Combination Plane


Stanley No. 50 Combination Planeblades for Stanley No.50 Combination Plane


Stanley 10 Blade Plough PlaneStanley 10 Blade Plough Plane


Stanley Bull Nosed PlaneStanley Bull Nosed Plane


Stanley 110 PlaneStanley 110 Plane





Trend biscuit jointer set on 1/4" shank


little used - in excellent condition

complete with pack of 90 of the largest size biscuits ( size 10 measuring 55mm long and 15mm wide at the widest part )


Trend Biscuit Jointer




Antique Hobbies A1 Treadle Fretsaw


Record Drill Press Vice Model 414

purchased new - original receipts available


Record Drill Press Vice Model 414



Antique Pillar Drill

in fine working order drill automatically lowers as handle is rotated- just needs a lick of paint

Antique Pillar Drill

Although I have listed it as an antique it is in fine working order and is ideal for precision heavy duty drilling. Dimensions:- Pillar height 14" from base plate 7" clearance from chuck to base plate. Chuck fits 10mm / 3/8" drill Weight approx 15kg



ELU EBS 3501A Band Saw £190

SOLD Jan 2015

Record DML 24Record DML 24A Pillar Drill

Record DML 24A Electric Pillar Drill - Made in England - excellent condition

£120 Made in England

buy before 30th June 2013 and receive free Black & Decker Drill Press Vice

A Pillar Drill

£120 Made in England



5 piece Forstner Bit Set

by Tayler Tools

new & unused £7

containing one each 90mm long Forstner Bits with hexagonal shanks in diameters 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm & 35mm in a storage box